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What we do

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As per the global poverty analysis ,It’s estimated that approximately 2.5 billion people around the world live under  poverty, struggling to survive on their insufficient  income US$2 a day. That’s less money than now  we would spend on a cup of coffee without a second thought. Yet for people like to provide for their needs of their whole family.In this 21st century  Families living in this kind of poverty struggle to afford even the most basic of needs. They are unable to afford adequate meals, clean water or an education. They go without proper shelter, transport and even medicine when they’re sick.

People like small loans to start businesses to manage their life  such as: 

Tailoring Shops                                    Bicycle Repair Shops                Cottage Industries

Construction business                        Small grocery stores                  Pig breeding farms

Poultry Farming                                   Hairdressers                               Basket weaving

Vegetable Farm                                     Tea Shops                                    Clothing Market Stall

Fishing Operations                               Street Line Business                  Rickshaw Taxi Services